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Create Jobs in America especially customer service! 10-20-2012

I have had it up to the tip top of my balding head!  I can not stand calling customer service for a so-called American Company and getting a foreign help desk.  Look I know companies are doing it because labor is cheap in other countries, or the employment rules are eased. But, seriously companies should help be part of the solution not the cause of the problems.  It is time that we take fixing America into our own hands. Let companies know that using American labor is as important today as it ever has been.  The government is not going to fix this, good old “American Ingenuity” might!


The government may need to look at reducing regulations on business, and this could be a topic for another rant. I mean lets be serious and poke some fun at regulations like New York business cannot sell soda over 16 ounces. Are people not allowed to choose for themselves.  I realize the attempt for regulation is to help protect consumers, but it also can stop growth when meeting the regulations is too costly.  It is bad that small business is being beaten by Giants but some of that is part of the so called free economy.  Government should help level the playing field just like several years ago auto manufactures had to reclassify some cars as non-American if they were not assemble in the US.  Well if large amounts of you workers are in non-US operations then maybe those companies should be deemed non-American or at least taxed like a foreign company.

The original argument of this rant was triggered by a customer service call I made.  But, it mirrors many of  my clients comments about buying products from specific companies because of their support, and hard to communicate etc.

The reason we buy from these companies in many cases is they have the lowest prices (avoiding the word cheap).  So, to get the type of support that we want we have to be willing to pay a price, more than what we are today.  American labor is not cheap so if we want American help desks we need to be ready to pay that price.  However, it does not mean that things have to be completely unreasonably priced.  Service and what you pay should be directly related.  Just like at the pump self-serve you get no bells or whistles.  Attended service they may even top off you fluid and check your tires, get what I am saying. 

An Example, in the computer retail and service business like buying computers manufactured by Dell, Toshiba, or HP. If you want to buy computers from those companies because they have the best prices, or the only manufacture. Then buy from a good VAR and utilize their services and support options they offer. You will pay a little more but if they are living up do their role, the experience for you should improve.

Americans need to change their expectations. We should expect good sound products, backed by the companies that sell, build and support them.  Government should not have to always protect us because we should be able to drive out of business companies that do not meet our expectations, even Big Companies. 

We also should stand up and make sure that labor is in our backyard not off-shore if we believe in revitalizing the US.  Again, instead of claiming to stand against Wall Street’s greed go after what it really stands for, their bank roll.  We should stop doing business with companies that offend us, let them know we want change.

(This image was found on Kiosk Information Systems web, and the article with it is supports the ideas in this blog so Read this.)

Marching on Wall Street makes it visible but does not really hit the bottom line. Stop executing commerce with any of these companies and then watch what happens.  I have said this many times I do not always agree with Sen. Jesse Jackson but when he tried to boycott businesses he at least new the right place to hit them.

 Do not expect the current or the next president to fix the jobs issue.  It has to come from the people the ones that actually control the companies and create new ones. Intentionally support businesses that use local labor, and drive past the ones that don’t.  If you believe strongly in products made in the USA do the same for manufacturing.  Although, the last one is tough because a lot of products are not made in the US but we can certainly try to bring it back.  Bank with banks that are American or at least maintain American call centers too support their American clients.  Global trade is good, and I am not saying everything has to be made in the USA but realize each choice you make has an effect one way or the other.

This Rant was triggered from a customer service call with XM radio who’s billing goes to Kentucky but every time I call for support or questions I get a non-American help desk.  I do like their service but I am strongly considering dropping their service.  I also am a stock holder and wish I had enough share to really be heard.  Americans should not accept the rule that “Silence is Golden”, our voices should count, and if not our dollars should too. remember the “Squeaky wheel is the one that gets greased” so let all start squeaking.  When the noise is unbearable then change will happen. Please consider my words and if you like some of these ideas then use them, share them, and let me know what happens. 


Together we should be able to make:
“Main Street drive WallStreet not the other way around.” 

A powerful social idea about jobs and service in the USA presented by the techies at www.end2endsupport.com and E2 Computers in Tarpon Springs Florida.

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