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COBOL what? No I did not say Snowball. – 10/23/2012

Who thought Cobol was dead?  I know there are a few of you out there that don’t even know what Cobol is.  However, many of us who have programmed computers are familiar with this language and many even thought it was going to be gone.  Well Cobol still lives but programmers are harder to find I guess, no one has been beating my door down. 

The reason I am even thinking about this old stock language was beacuse of an article “IT Horror Story: A World Without COBOL” by Tony Kontzer.

In the slide deck he points out systems that would be affected by the loss of these programmers.  Can you imagin On-Line banking, and stock trading grinding to a halt. Streetlight that stay stuck and no longer cycle.  It is hard to believe how much stuff was written in this language, and now Micro Focus is developing a Visual COBOL. This same company also developed a version of COBOL for the PC years ago. I even got to move projects from mainframes to pc’s.

Please take a look at slide deck and see what the loss of COBOL could effect.

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