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Windows 8 – Pre-Order – 10/23/2012

Windows 8 is rolling out on 10/26 and I have access to limited quantities of discounted OEM Software.  I am accepting orders for customers as long as I can continue to get them from my suppliers. You must contact the store and pay ahead for your copy. If we cannot fulfill any orders funds will be returned.  Not all copies will be received on 10/26 but we will fulfill them on a 1st come basis as they arrive.

Windows 8 Pre-Order pricing:

    Cash    – $85.00 plus tax for Home ed. 
                  $125.00 plus tax for Professional Ed.
    Credit  – $85.00 plus tax + 3% convenience fee for Home Ed.
$125.00 plus tax + 3% convenience fee for Professional Ed.

Please stop in and place your orders Today and Wednesday.

Rejuvin8 idea presented by the techies at E2 Computers and www.end2endsupport.com.

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