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Hack called “Creative in Nature”! – 10/29/12

It is almost Halloween scary or even maybe insulting when someone would use the words “Creative in Nature” to describe a cyber attack. Don’t get me wrong almost all cyber attacks are creative thats why I sort of took note of Governor Nikki Haley’s description of an attack on the Department of Revenue in South Carolina. 

To be able to breach most computer systems you have to be very creative even if the code is simple it still takes a special mind set to crack systems and also a unique level of persistence. 

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More importantly once again a mountain has been climbed and another public database has been breached.  I am not a doom sayer but it does make me wonder if these are state and federal systems being breached how secure is are systems in the private sector. The private sector is where the Health records start their journey and cross  over into the federal systems for things like your prescriptions and they are being freely transferred between Doctors office, a Prescription clearing house, and the Pharmacy. As you can see no risk of data being breached here now! Yes a little sarcasm interjected at this point.

So, what started this well it is simple IDG new service published  that approximately 3.6 million Social Security numbers and 387,000 credit and debit cards were exposed by hackers in South Carolina. This information was found in an article by Lucian Constantin in ComputerWorld’s web site, “South Carolina reveals massive data breach of Social Security Numbers, credit cards“.

Additionally in the article the talk about the cost to South Carolina because of the identity theft protection services for everyone who has paid taxes in SC.

Check the article out do find out more details about what happened in South Carolina.


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