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How long does it take to get a virus in Windows 8? – 11/03/2012

Like the owl in the tootsie pop commercials says how long does it take to get to the center of the tootsie? 1…2…3 crunch 3.  Well now the question how long till the first Zero-Day vulnerability in Windows 8. Lets ask the great owl how many uh 1… 1 Day yep that was it about 1 day.

In an article on Computerworlds site the reprinted a tweet from twitter:

For sale: “Our first 0day for Win8+IE10 with HiASLR/AntiROP/DEP & Prot Mode sandbox bypass (Flash not needed).”

This tweet was posted by Vupen. The article, “What’s the price of a new Windows 8 zero day vulnerability?” on ComputerWorld.com site, explains who Vupen is so check out the full content of Jeremy Kirk’s article.

Once again the proof is out there we build bigger and more secure OS’s and the virus writers write tougher viruses and still discover the vulnerabilities of the OS.  I wish to say this was not the case but it has been since the beginning. Hackers discovering back doors into the operating system left by developers to prevent being completely locked out of their code.  Now it has become an industry to see how quickly we can hack and find issues.  Even some of the OS’s we did not think were being hacked are Cell Phones, Macs, iPads, and of course all versions of Windows.

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