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Windows 8 what do I need? 11/08/2012

This article was written to remind my followers to plan for a Windows 8 upgrade. First reason why is simple for those of us with Vista systems especially and did not upgrade to Windows 7 it is a cheap way to get rid of the excuse it’s Vista. Upgrades to the Pro version are only $69.99.  As I stated in earlier blogs cheaper than any OS upgrade in most of Microsoft’s history.  If you bought your windows 7 machine in the middle of the summer or later it is only $14.99 for a downloaded version.

Next why Windows 8, why not?

If you own a table/convertible then Windows 8 will transform your experience completely.  While I am not fully emerged in Windows 8 yet, I will say on my Acer Table it is pretty cool.

So what are the minimum requirements to upgrade or install “8”

  1. CPU             1GHZ or Faster
  2. Ram             1GB for 32 Bit
                        2GB for 64 Bit
    Suggested minimum for more advanced users 2GB and up.
  3. Disk Space   16GB for 32 Bit
                        20GB for 64 Bit
  4. Graphics       DirectX 9 capable video
  5. Min Res        1024×768
                        1366×768 for “Snap” Applications

Windows has a upgrade assistant on their download site that can identify issues and software conflicts if you choose to do an upgrade.

The techies here would suggest checking Windows 8 out for yourself there a good, bad and ugly things to be discovered but first you have to see it.  Check out our Shop EW2 Computers in Tarpon Springs and our site www.end2endsupport.com or www.weworkoncomputers.com.

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