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One way to reduce Phone Costs with Ring Central. – 11/21/2012

RingCentral PBX in the cloud a hosted solution can reduce company phone costs by up to 80%.  This is a sales claim that we learn early in our training.  It is a great conversation starter and hopefully you are reading this because it caught your attention.

1st I am a RC reseller and I will say while RC did not reduce my direct phone costs it gave me a new flexibility that only larger phones system used to offer.  Indirectly it has saved me many times over. 

I wanted to present 1 area that may help your company and it also may help you make your decision as to what VoIP carrier you use.

RingCentral offers direct faxing as part of you Office plan.  So how did this save us money?

  • No second line for dedicated in/out faxing.
  • Fax from any desktop that has the RingCentral controller
  • Fax out  via email
  • No Fax machine required
  • Flexibility, recieve the fax on cell phone app, emai, online did not have to drive to my office to get the fax.

Your savings will vary but for us just the extra line would be over 45.00/mo after taxes and a Fax machine would run around 150.00.

To see how simple managing and sending faxes with RingCentral is check out this video.

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