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End of Year deal on i5 laptop almost $70.00 off. 12/31/2012

Check out this listing on an Acer Intel i5 laptop. Very limited quantity. This price is about 70.00 off original list price! A special deal presented by the techies at E2 Computers and in conjunction with our Affiliate Partners at Amazon. Copyright 2014 Simply Reliable Solutions, llc and E2 Computers.

Ever wonder what the cost of free really is? 12/28/2012

Ever wonder what the cost of free really is?  In our shop we often try to educate our End Users that nothing in the world is free.  Wow now I am beginning to sound like my Grandmother, but it is true everything has a cost so what our the free web services costs?  Apparently issues […]

Merry Christmas! 12/25/2012

Merry Christmas!   Copyright 2014 Simply Reliable Solutions, llc and E2 Computers.

Facebook testing ability to send anyone an email for a fee. 12/21/2012

Facebook is testing the ability to send an email to anyone for $1.00.  This would allow someone you do not know to be able to force an email into your inbox. Facebook said “…Thursday it has begun testing a system for users to send messages to people outside their immediate circle of social contacts for […]

Can the news prevent you from changing the world? 12/19/2012

Is it possible that the News we view daily can prevent us from changing the world? Is the news so bad that it sucks the wind out of us?  According to an article in Forbes online that may just be the case.  In college we were taught that a study was done that showed exposure […]

Merry Christmas to all…12/18/2012

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah and Kwanza from E2 Computers. It is a time for family and enjoying the spirit and religious aspects of the season.  From our families to yours We wish you the best of times and health for this holiday. For families suffering losses our hearts go out to you and […]

Unique keyboard and other items as unusual gifts. 12/14/2012

Looking for something different to give to the techie in your life? Try a few of these: Back lit Keyboard with colors that can be changed.Buy a AZiO Large Print Tri-Color LED-Illuminated Keyboard for Only $23.99 at! Best Deals Every Nanosecond! For the Apple enthusiast:Buy a Apple Magic Trackpad for Only $54.99 at! Best […]

Wish you could SMS text from your business number? Check this out… 12/13/2012

Wish you could send and receive text message using your business number and not give out your mobile to everyone? This will be possible soon with your RingCentral account.  Check out this demo video from RingCentral: Looks like a real winner for those of us who use texting alot.  What you say you are not […]

Welcome back Mac, will it really be built in the USA? 12/11/2012

Wow if the article we were reading is really true it will mean the some Apple Macs will receive the “Made in America” label.  Apple is investing over $100 Million to help facilitate the building of US facilities to produce Macs.   Apple is not going to operate the facilities they will be run by […]

Holiday cards got you a little dry? Out of ink we can help. 12/11/2012

Tis the season to print holiday cards and other giftie stuff. Is you printer running on empty? tired of getting the out of ink message?  Well E2 Computers may help reduce the cost of some of your ink supplies. Check out our Affiliates Our Amazon aStore page for Printers, Ink and Toners Looking for a unique […]