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Welcome back Mac, will it really be built in the USA? 12/11/2012

Wow if the article we were reading is really true it will mean the some Apple Macs will receive the “Made in America” label.  Apple is investing over $100 Million to help facilitate the building of US facilities to produce Macs.

72 Hour Holiday Blowout at MacMall.com 

Apple is not going to operate the facilities they will be run by other companies.  This idea began after Apple was criticized publicly for the labor practices in Foxconn’s labor practice. Foxconn is Apples main manufacturer for all products Apple.

in the article “Apple Decides to Make Macs in the US: 10 Reasons It’s a Smart Move” by Don Resinger at eWeek

In the article they identify 10 reasons this is the list of 10. Please check out the article link for their justifications for the each reason.

  1. It makes Apple look better.
  2. A tech industry precedent.
  3. US employment should rise a bit.
  4. Its a sign of more advanced products.
  5. Foxconn is on notice.
  6. More products could be coming.
  7. It’s a different Apple.
  8. Tim Cook is making his mark.
  9. Apple will have more leverage.
  10. Cuts into the “Google Advantage”

Check out the article for more detail.

If this is true it would be one more plus for Apple on some of its platforms. Often companies talk about coming back to America, and we all know Talk is Cheap so we will have to see if Tim Cook can pull it off and keep Apple up where it is today.

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