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Can the news prevent you from changing the world? 12/19/2012

Is it possible that the News we view daily can prevent us from changing the world? Is the news so bad that it sucks the wind out of us?  According to an article in Forbes online that may just be the case.  In college we were taught that a study was done that showed exposure to the news made people believe that the problems of other cities were now their major issues too.  So what was presented several years ago may still be very real.

While Mike Maddock’s article comes during some very tragic news in the US, he has some great points.  Trying to stay optimistic would be nearly impossible with all of the news we are bombarded with.  It is the optimism that we have that drives us to create, and solve the problems of the world.  Check out Mike’s article “Want to be more innovative? Don’t watch the news.” you may find it just a little uplifting and true.

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