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Facebook testing ability to send anyone an email for a fee. 12/21/2012

Facebook is testing the ability to send an email to anyone for $1.00.  This would allow someone you do not know to be able to force an email into your inbox.

Facebook said “…Thursday it has begun testing a system for users to send messages to people outside their immediate circle of social contacts for a payment of $1, as the company continues to find new ways to capitalize on its popularity…” according to the WallStreet Journal.

Is this a good idea?  we do not think so.  The idea appears that they are going to create an avenue for individuals and companies to email you via your Facebook account even if you do not want to receive it.  The only issue is how much are people willing to spend.  This just seems like an invasion of space to us.  It is hard enough to control spam now why would users line up to receive more.  We get that advertisers would be willing to do it. Shame on you FB why not try to find better ways like create add rooms or walls just for advertising where the sheep can go if they want to follow.  Yes we understand the idea is to generate revenue but why not ask you users what they want and are willing to pay for.  Maybe users would be willing to pay $1 or $2 a year for membership just to not get ads and unwanted messages.  This could be a huge revenue stream for Facebook without being a huge burden to their users.  Just ask the people and you may learn.

What do you think? Like or dislike it let everyone know what is going on at FB.

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