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Ever wonder what the cost of free really is? 12/28/2012

Ever wonder what the cost of free really is?  In our shop we often try to educate our End Users that nothing in the world is free.  Wow now I am beginning to sound like my Grandmother, but it is true everything has a cost so what our the free web services costs?  Apparently issues have been going on for a while in the Social Media and Free Software arena for some time on issue like who owns the data, material, photos, etc.  You get it right or maybe not? 

Based on an article that came to our attention recently from the NY Times BITS section people may not really understand how they are paying for the service.

…Instagram is a free service, and the business model of free Web services relies precisely on taking advantage of user data, including the “content” users produce. Facebook makes money by letting advertisers direct marketing messages at prospective customers, based on what they reveal about themselves and who their friends are. And even as Facebook too says it doesn’t “own” any of it, personal data is the company’s most valuable asset. Advertising is its principal moneymaker…

That’s right it is all about Advertising. Wonder why you get spam or targeted ads both in mail and while you are surfing the net. It is because these sights and many others collect and use the personal data to advertise to you. 

The article at the times was about issues with user ownership rights on social media take a look at the article, “Instagram Flap Shows Confusion Over Control of Content” By Somini Sengupta.

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