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Is there a Cyber war on the United States? 01282013

Computerworld stated in a posting today that a Cyber war has begun against the United States.  this war is raging here at home.  Do you agree? In the article “Unseen, all-out Cyber war on the U.S. has begun” written by Bob Violino he states the war is not like any traditional war it is not […]

Aaron Swartz(1/11/13) and SOPA – 1/21/2013

A little over a week ago Aaron Swartz passed away. It made the news we did not know him personally and many of our readers may not have even noticed the story.  First our condolences to Aaron’s family.  After reading more about him he was truly a political activist like few we have seen recently. […]

Hotmail hacked? 01/12/2013

Hotmail hacked? This is not an article on how to fix the hack but it is something that you may need to do if it was hacked. We recently helped one of our monthly support customers after their email account was taken over. After, completing the online forms for to prove ownership you must first […]

Factory rebuild for Windows 8, why is it so hard? 31/8/2013

Our techs may be a little slow but we have rolled out a couple of Windows 8 laptops and found trying to build the “Factory” restore disks nearly impossible. Our first was an Acer and the second was an Asus. In the case of the first when we insert the flash drive on a completely […]

New Bugs and other Issues for Microsoft! 01/07/2012

New Bugs and other Issues for Microsoft, the company has issued fixes for the “Zero-Day” virus in IE 6, 7, and 8. However, a researcher was able to break the fix in about 6 hours after its release. Full story at ComputerWorld “Researcher sidesteps Microsoft fix for IE zero-day” by Antone Gonsalves.  The article points […]

1st New Years Resolutions! 1/3/2013

1st New Years Resolutions what was yours? If you are like many people the first was to trim the Fat.  Well that is not a resolution that we will address here. However, many people have said organizing their stuff better was one.  This is a chore we can help maybe! The most common organization issue […]