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1st New Years Resolutions! 1/3/2013

1st New Years Resolutions what was yours? If you are like many people the first was to trim the Fat.  Well that is not a resolution that we will address here. However, many people have said organizing their stuff better was one.  This is a chore we can help maybe!

The most common organization issue is what to do with all the paper.  Simple answer get rid of it!  How you ask Scan it!  For our filing system we are using Microsoft’s One Note.

It was a tool that we had never really found a use for and one day it just seemed like the right answer.  While it is not perfect it did resolve the need for a filing drawer for our office. The major downside is that we can not create a simple report with all of the invoices or receipts. That is why we use Quick Books to track all of our purchases, But One Note does do a nice job of storing the paper images.  To get the documents to One Note we either scan them and then Print them to One Note or we cut and paste them from our online invoices with our vendors.  We even have uses scan software on cell phones to capture the documents.  If the copy is good One Note is able to search the document content as if it was converted to text, built in OCR. Surprisingly this feature works better than we expected.

Neat Receipts produces software that they sell with their scanners that allow you to store and report on your receipts. Most customers have reported good results with this product.  Their is other filing software out there and if you have any suggestions pleas add them to the comments of this blog.

Scanners come in all shapes and sizes most of us have seen or use all-in-one printers but unless you have sheet feed capability this task can be very tedious.  But for over a year we have been doing it without a standard scanner.  It can be done.  Almost all of our documentation capture for 2012 was done online or via a cell phone using CamScanner for the Droid.  CamScanner allow you to square the document and then save it in jpg, or pdf type formats.

Neat Receipts has 2 scanners that they sell one is a sheet feeding style that stands upright and the second is a small portable single sheet style.


If you order these scanners be aware there is a PC and Mac option.

There are many other types of scanners out in the market we are showing the two from Neat Receipts because these are the ones that have been in high demand for small offices and home use.

Some ideas for other organization software that we found at Cnet’s Downloads:
eDoc Organizer
Shoebox Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader – iOS App

Organizing ideas presented by the techies at www.end2endsupport.com and E2 Computers in Tarpon Springs.

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