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New Bugs and other Issues for Microsoft! 01/07/2012

New Bugs and other Issues for Microsoft, the company has issued fixes for the “Zero-Day” virus in IE 6, 7, and 8. However, a researcher was able to break the fix in about 6 hours after its release. Full story at ComputerWorld “Researcher sidesteps Microsoft fix for IE zero-day” by Antone Gonsalves.  The article points out several sites that when visited would infect users computers.

The article points out the recommendation to use a tool from Microsoft called EMET. This tool is supposed to help mitigate vulnerabilities to protect users. Click here to learn about EMET.

To get EMET from Microsoft click download.

Additionally Microsoft was dealt a blow on the ratings of their Security Essentials and in November it was de-listed by some rating sites as a valid “Virus Tool”.  CNet publishes in November “Security Essentials fails latest AV-Test” by Seth Rosenblatt. MSE was the only suite that failed out of 24 tested by the AV-Test.org.  This article and others linked in the article point out that many of the AV tools ratings have dropped dramatically this time.

It appears to be a tough world out there but trying to keep up with the best and easiest to use is difficult even our latest selection Vipre has dropped but is still passing. We are still using Vipre ourselves and will continue at this point.

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