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Factory rebuild for Windows 8, why is it so hard? 31/8/2013

Our techs may be a little slow but we have rolled out a couple of Windows 8 laptops and found trying to build the “Factory” restore disks nearly impossible. Our first was an Acer and the second was an Asus. In the case of the first when we insert the flash drive on a completely non-partitioned drive all we get is a message saying that the hard drive is not supported. With the Asus we did get  a working flash drive but I still have not tried to reformat a blank drive.

Even more interesting is that when contacting tech support we feel like creating a restore set is not something they support, although in Asus’ documentation it gives directions but the application was not present.   I don’t know but I guess building a system from scratch and supply an OEM disk is simple. But how do these companies expect non-techie types to complete this basic task.  The most recent solution i got was to create a Windows 8 Backup but even that you have to know where Microsoft hid this feature.

If manufactures don’t get their crap together they will help in sinking Microsoft even worse.  Manufactures need to get a clue as well as Microsoft and make this an easier task. 

So far the only solution Acer gave us was to pay them for a new set of restore disks because the process we followed did not work.  Maybe we should start sending back the hardware like some of the Big Box stores.

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If any once can break it down and explain the process better we would love to hear it. Not to mention that many of the manufacturing is now using Secure Boot and EUFI. We are just learn these new features but based on other blogs we are not the only ones still trying to understand how it all comes together and what happens when it is broken.

So this is why Windows 8 is getting a bad rap.

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