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Are your phones costing you more than they should? 03162013

Is your phone system out dated, expensive or just not flexible enough?

Read the following list and decide if there are issues here you would like to resolve”

Are you paying too much for phone service or need a more flexible option?

  1. Looking to make your phone system sound more professional?
  2. Want flexibility of the Cloud rather than Hardware Based Phone systems?
  3. Although today more people complain about talking to answering machines, how about a system that will allow calls to follow you and still look as thought they were going and coming from your company phones?
  4. Need to have employees in the field but still want them as part of your main system?
  5. How about text(sms) from you main number to your customers – no longer giving them your cell number?
  6. Voicemail for each user?
  7. Centralized fax?
  8. Like discounts for multiple users?
  9. Want branded phones from Cisco, and Polycomm?
  10. Do you wish you had a free conference bridge?

If you feel that any of these issues are things you would like to address in your Phone System we may be able to help. Though the use of VoIP and PBX in the cloud we can solve most of the issues in the list above. Additionally we have been able to save clients up to 80% from conventional POTS type phone systems.

For more information email us at VoIP@end2endsupport.com and lets see how we can hep you.

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