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Citibank possible scam call from 1(888)278-2426. – 02222012

Is this phone number a scam or legitimate for Citibank.  I receive a call every night directly not through an answering machine, “…We know you may have a busy schedule so please contact us regarding your Citibank Private Label account at 1-888-279-2426… Interesting that they do not tell you which account it might be. However, if you dial the number their automated system asks you to select English or Spanish, then enter your card number. 

Sill question what card number?

Hung on the line till a male caller answered with a foreign accent answered and asked me for my card #?  What number are you asking for, he then gave me a list of a possible 10-20 different cards it could be so I suggested that they investigate why there system is playing a message script when a live person answers the phone.  I suggested that maybe I should contact the police being they could not sufficiently identify why they were calling me.  He hung up.

I searched the internet and found these interesting links:

After reviewing this we are still not going to be very forthcoming with information and you should not be either. Oh and one more thing to say if this is in regards to the collections of a small underpayment from Mobil the check is in the mail.

A possible example of a scam or general harassment from a collection agency presented by the techies at www.end2endsupport.com in Tarpon Springs FL.

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