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iPad discount on select inventory with local pickup at Best Buy

Specail offer from BestBuy on iPads Shop Now Copyright 2014 Simply Reliable Solutions, llc and E2 Computers.

Spring Video Game Preorders! 03262012

E2 computers would like to present some of the spring video game releases. These pre-order links are via an affiliate relationship with Amazon.  Please order here and let your friends know about our links. Games listed may include most gaming consoles including PS/3, Xbox, Wii and others. Amazon offers a price guarantee and on some of […]

Kodu: Game design becomes child’s play… 03252013

Microsoft has released a new software called Kodu. It may turn game design into child’s play, and this is a good thing.  It is an educational tool to teach basic programming skills and game development. In our first glance it appears to be a great educational tool. They have taken some of the basics of […]

AMX give us free money, no way! 03152013

We received an email notice from AMX that a transaction was waiting for us and needed attention. “…A payment(s) to your company has been processed through the American Express Payment Network. The remittance details for the payment(s) are attached ( – The remittance file contains invoice information passed by your buyer. Please contact your buyer […]

Microsoft Surface could it be an iPad killer? 03122013

Is it possible that the iPad Killer could come from Microsoft. Part of our company would cheer and part of us would be sad. Microsoft is doing so much to take sales away from the small vendor that we no longer want to be loyal. On, the other hand it would be nice to see […]

Move clock forward 1hr for Daylight Savings. 03082013

Yes let’s get really excited we lose 1 hr of sleep this week. So Mac Mall wants to make you feel a little better. So check out these specials Just a way to make you feel a little better on Sunday! Presented by our sale savvy techs at E2 Computers in Tarpon Springs and at […]

Use Mozy to protect more than your files, and help us earn a performance bonus. 03062013

We are looking for 5 new users to sign up with MOZY! Mozy can save your files, career, marriage, and even sanity. How could this be true? Hypothetical examples: A Hurricane or Tornado hits your home and destroys all your computer equipment. Without Mozy you lose your files. With Mozy you get a new computer […]

Prison hacked by imprisoned hacker. 03052013

Who would hack a British prison mainframe? Surprise an already imprisoned hacker, Nicholas Webber.  Check out the story originally sent to us by CRN Buzz peaked our interest. It turns out that the hacker was sentences to for 5 years. So how did he gain access to a computer to begin the new attack. He signed […]

Lenovo 13″ Yoga flexible and under $1000.00. 03042013

Lenovo 13″ Yoga flexible and under $1000.00.  Product Details Amazon Sales Rank: #90 in Personal Computers Color: Gray Brand: Lenovo Model: 59359567 Dimensions: .67″ h x 8.90″ w x 13.10″ l, 3.30 pounds CPU: Intel Core i5 1.8 GHz Memory: 4GB DDR3 SDRAM Hard Disk: 0GB Processors: 2 Display size: 13.3 Features Intel Core i5-3337U […]

Pandora may open a box with changes to streaming fees. 03022013

Pandora is rethinking it fee structure for its unlimited ad based streaming.  This group is pandora’s most active users.  The company plans to cap the usage at 40 hours per month and an additional fee of $0.99 for the remainder of the month.  It might be worth $36.00 to get rid of the ads. News […]