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BLOWFISH and save 10% on Mozy Backup. 03012012

Looking for an opportunity to try a backup solution in the cloud?

This month Mozy is offering affiliates like our company  a chance to win an iPad and we certainly would like too. Our goal is to add 5 new users by March 31st.  Mozy is also offering 10% off the service is you use the Code BLOWFISH.

Mozy has been around for a long time now and is a pretty stable backup partner. They offer personal backup starting at around $5.00/Mo. as well as Enterprize level backups for larger companies.

Start your year off right and begin using a realtime backup package.  For our Florida customers Hurricane season is only around the corner so now is the time to begin planning. Keep Your Photos safe with Mozy.

Mozy backup includes 2X Protect. There software will automatically backup to a local preferably external drive so you have a local backup and a remote backup. This is just one of many features you get with Mozy so check out what they have to offer.
To start your trial today just click on any of the three links you see on this page. The Mozy logo, the Blowfish link, or the ad just to the right of the text.  We mad it easy now all you have to do is click. How simple is that.

BTW- If you have an older machine and are running on original equipment this is the best time to think of backing up the picture before it is too late.

Easter Holiday Gift ideas:

Receive 10% off orders of $99 or more. On your m&m order.

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