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Use Mozy to protect more than your files, and help us earn a performance bonus. 03062013

We are looking for 5 new users to sign up with MOZY!

Mozy can save your files, career, marriage, and even sanity.

How could this be true?

Hypothetical examples:

  1. A Hurricane or Tornado hits your home and destroys all your computer equipment.
    • Without Mozy you lose your files.
    • With Mozy you get a new computer and restore all your files. Files Saved.
  2. Your boss is waiting for the P&L reports for the last 2 years for an audit and the computer that has the accounting data on it, BSOD’s (Blue Screen of Death). You determine the Hard Drive is bad now what?
    • Your boss fires you, he has too. Why? Well he is not going to fire himself, so someone has to take the blame.
    • You had Mozy on the computer you restore the data to your boss’s computer. You show him how to create the report he needs. The audit goes well, the boss gets a bonus from his boss, and you kept your job. Sound familiar then you must be using Mozy. Job Saved.
  3. You are in the dog house, your wife is furious she was working on the computer when the power went out. Don’t worry you are not going to have a little one in 9 months because you are scrambling to try to recover the computer. You never setup her UPS and the hard drive is corrupt. She lost all of the pictures of your first born. She is threatening to leave you, mumbling why she did not marry the inventor of backup software.
    • Without Mozy, you can not get those photos back and she takes jr. and moves in with her mother.
    • Mozy to the rescue you recover her computer by installing the latest Windows 8, this may cause problems later but that is another story. Download here files from the Mozy backup she is happy and in-turn she makes you happy. Now you have to worry about the next 9 months, but your marriage is saved. Family Rescued.
  4. Sanity if all of the above scenarios have happened to you where is your sanity?
    • Without Mozy Sanity Lost.
    • With Mozy Still Sane.

How can Mozy help you?

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How will your signing up with Mozy help us? Simple commission and chance to win a new iPad.

Please sing up ASAP.

Thanks from the management and techies at E2 Computers of Tarpon Springs and www.end2endsupport.com.

Please sign up today don’t procrastinate it could cost you dearly.


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