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Microsoft Surface could it be an iPad killer? 03122013

Is it possible that the iPad Killer could come from Microsoft. Part of our company would cheer and part of us would be sad. Microsoft is doing so much to take sales away from the small vendor that we no longer want to be loyal. On, the other hand it would be nice to see good coemption for the iPad.

Microsoft Surface 32 GB (Tablet only)

Why are we suggesting that this could be the next or real iPad Killer? Well this thought is based on a reader poll from CRN that is called “Microsoft Surface Beats Apple iPad in CRN Reader Poll”. According to the article solution providers want to sell them, but like I said in my opening statement again Microsoft is making it almost impossible.  Sales are limited to a set of retailers and their own stores. Our links on this page will get you to the Microsoft Store to purchase and if you purchase after using our link we may be blessed with a small commission thanks to the Affiliate program with LinkShare.


CRN found that over 82% of its reader poll, industry related, want to sell the Surface and about 75% believe it is a better product.

Check out the article and then let us know what you think about it.

Microsoft Surface 64 GB with Black Touch Cover

We are trying to be a retailer because we do believe once more people see the plus side of windows 8 they will want to add the Surface to their mobile tools.

CRN’s head to head evaluation, puts the iPad ahead of the Surface check this out “Head-to-Head: Microsoft Surface Pro vs. Apple iPad 4” By Edward J. Correia, CRN

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