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Apple losing its shine or is it as crisp as ever? 04262013

Interesting that in less than 24 hours I have seen at least 2 discussions on Apple and questioning its value as a stock.  Apple dropped to around 390 on the 22nd. Is this the end, are we stuck with an expensive stock in our portfolio, and what about the company is this the end too. […]

KALQ or QWERTY? What do these words mean? 04242013

Some of the older readers may get QWERTY, that is how we identify the style of the keyboard we are using. The second line of the left hand you will see QWERTY. But what is KALQ, this is new and interesting. It is a pattern for a new keyboard layout geared towards thumb typists.  Huh, […]

April Video Game Pre-Orders: Infinity, Assasains Creed, Battlefield! 04192013

Get your game on and order it before it is out. The following links are to hot soon to be released video games for the summer.  Games include Disney’s Infinity, Assassins Creed Black Flag, Battlefield 4 and the list goes on.April Video Game Pre-Orders Late April: Already released in early April: Early May: E2 Computers […]

WordPress under attack again. 04172013

It is hard to stay up on all of the virus and hacker vulnerabilities in software, but be aware WordPress is under attack again.  It appears that there is an increase in Bot-Net activity and it is exploiting default user admin accounts with weak passwords. So what should a WP blog site do. Change the […]

Intel syndicated information coming to E2 Computers site soon. 04162013

Coming soon to will be a page devoted to Intel topics and syndication provided by Intel.  There will be tons of Intel info and links to specific items from the Intel product line. Check out the sydicated information today at Save on ZAGG and iFrogz accessories and audio products. New info provided by […]

Desktops are down but not out. 04152013

So the reports say that desktop sales are down for the quarter, but they are not out. There is new interest in Desktop (non-portable) system as the designs become more unique, self contained and small.  Yes for many of the new desktop designs size does matter and the smaller the better. Lenovo announced at the […]

Changeup virus gets Staples. 04082013

Many customers in our shop ask if they are the only victims of virus attacks, but you know up front that is not the case. Some seem more susceptible than others but almost know one is completely secured. Last week Spamhaus posted that they were attacked. Spamhaus is an organization or a project that maintains […]

3 clicks you infected! 04032013

This article is not going to explain how 3 mouse clicks and you have become infected works, cause we just don’t completely get it ourselves. But the gist here is that Malware creators are so sophisticated that they have created viruses that launch only after a certain pattern of mouse clicks, and apparently this makes […]

Internet Tax, Amazon and no change. 04022013

Well as many have heard the tax collector is coming to an internet portal near you.  Most shoppers on the internet where their not just for low price but many where there to avoid sales tax.  Shame on you.  Even when you buy something from out of state in many states paying/declaring your tax on […]