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Internet Tax, Amazon and no change. 04022013

Well as many have heard the tax collector is coming to an internet portal near you.  Most shoppers on the internet where their not just for low price but many where there to avoid sales tax.  Shame on you.  Even when you buy something from out of state in many states paying/declaring your tax on the item should be completed.  But, most customers of the internet do not.

For many Internet merchants this was a good thing because they could offer a lower price by simply not having to collect tax. Most of our customers know Amazon, but for years many of my clients would out bid me by buying from Tiger Direct.  Now if you happen to live in a state that TD had a facility you already paid tax, as they acquired old CompUSA stores more customers got hit by this burden.  However, Amazon and New Egg and many others did not. A few years ago many of the states began to try to force collections on to these vendors, which even changed the way many did business on eBay.  According to the article The Tax Man Cometh, Even Online by Jennifer D. Bosavage, Editor In Chief of Intel’ Solution Providers for Retail, this is going to happen in 2014. It is part of the Market Fairness Act. She points out a great fact that for a company like Amazon and others that this may actually be an advantage because now they can open plants in other states and there is no effect on their competitive price because they already are charging tax like the local competition.  Interesting the actual internet sales tax law is going to put the control of deciding to tax or not too in the hands of each state. 

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