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3 clicks you infected! 04032013

This article is not going to explain how 3 mouse clicks and you have become infected works, cause we just don’t completely get it ourselves. But the gist here is that Malware creators are so sophisticated that they have created viruses that launch only after a certain pattern of mouse clicks, and apparently this makes it even more difficult to detect. We were made aware of this thread by CRN writer Robert Westervelt in the article New Trigger: Latest Malware Just Waits For Three Mouse Clicks, check it out.

The payload of this attack appears to be a fake Google updater that has full system access.  This type of attack was also reported last year when UpClicker was discovered another virus that hid behind the mouse action.

While visiting CRN you may also want to view Robert’s earlier article 6 Signs You’ve Been Sucked Into A Facebook Scam. This is a little slide deck making you aware of scams on FB.  This is a must view slide deck especially if you use FaceBook.

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