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WordPress under attack again. 04172013

It is hard to stay up on all of the virus and hacker vulnerabilities in software, but be aware WordPress is under attack again.  It appears that there is an increase in Bot-Net activity and it is exploiting default user admin accounts with weak passwords.

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  1. So what should a WP blog site do. Change the administrator account to a real username not Admin (duh)!
  2. Use a strong password. What would a strong password general rules for a strong password use Mixed case letters, include 1 number and if allowed at least one special character. Example weak – password Better – PasSWord, Best – @PassW0rd#. However, we would not recommend using the word password as a password.

Check out this post for more information about the WordPress attacks “WordPress sites under a global attack?” Posted by teksquisite.

Also please note users of Vipre antivirus from GFI may notice a new name appearing soon ThreatTrack. GFI spun the AV software off to a company of its own named ThreatTrack.  Do not be alarmed.


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