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KALQ or QWERTY? What do these words mean? 04242013

Some of the older readers may get QWERTY, that is how we identify the style of the keyboard we are using. The second line of the left hand you will see QWERTY. But what is KALQ, this is new and interesting. It is a pattern for a new keyboard layout geared towards thumb typists.  Huh, what is a thumb typist, you know all of us who use only are thumbs when we are texting or tweeting.  Yes a new layout was developed with this activity in mind. The creators claim 34% faster typing.

KALQ will split the typing area into 2 grids. The position of hands is very crucial to how and why this pattern is better than the old QWERTY layout. Check out the pictures and even more detail at the article QWERTY out, KALQ in: the new fast keyboard for touchscreens by Amanda Alverez at GIGAOM.COM

So if your thumbs are getting a little twisted you may want to dig in to KALQ soon to be released for the Android.

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