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Apple losing its shine or is it as crisp as ever? 04262013

Interesting that in less than 24 hours I have seen at least 2 discussions on Apple and questioning its value as a stock.  Apple dropped to around 390 on the 22nd. Is this the end, are we stuck with an expensive stock in our portfolio, and what about the company is this the end too.

Some thought when Jobs died so did the company but up till now this did not seem so.  Apple reporting better than expected earnings and the stock dropped.  Overnight Cramer of “Mad Money” was saying it is other factors: Bad Earnings Progression coupled with no Boost in Dividend. But, the Cramer twist is that he sees this as positive developments. Check out Cramer: Apples Next Move from Lee Brodie.  Cramer does point out there seems to be a lack of innovation but he also pointed out that Cook’s teams are developing new products and services so only time will be the tell on this one. 

Additionally eWeek was taking its jabs pointing out how Apple Has Lost Its Mobil Market Mojo: 10 reasons why by Don Resinger. It appears one can sum it up first with the name Samsung. Additional ideas before the 10 in the article may include Price, Market, and ability of the device.  Yes apple is cool, and it just works but not everyone want to be limited to the device. While there are desktop emulations and remote solutions this may not work for everyone. Tablets on the other side of the world are improving although Windows may or may not everyone has an opinion on that.  But check out the article for the 10 reasons Don see Apple lost it Mojo and see what you think.

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