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Are WOW players old lonely men? 05052013

Old blog at NakedSecurity entitled “Spammer believes WOW Users are sad lonely men“, could this be true?  This blog dates back to November 27, 2009 and it was intended to make people aware of spam targeting WOW users. The spam carried a trojan to steal password for WOW and then allow the accounts to be hacked. 

Unfortunately porn related spam continues to increase year after year, as well as Canadian Pharmacy, Viagra, and Enlargement gadgets. I don’t believe this is a WOW issue.  However, the spammers like advertisers know that Sex sells and as long as they have people at one of their primal needs they will have an audience.  This audience is not only lonely men, but an even larger target are teens and young adults, easily targeted for sexual material. 

In our customer base for cleaning up systems we see everything from household computers used by the teens that are getting virused up to the old man who has no idea how it got there.  At one point we are all tempted to click on a link on some topic we find intriguing not just sexual topics but news worthy topics too, like Boston Bombings, Obamacare, Cheap Meds and the list can go on.  Remember one simple rule if it is in an unsolicited email it probably is not a good idea to follow the link.  Even Dorothy was skeptical of following the “Yellow Brick Road” in Wizard of Oz

Even amazon sells sex!

Please note that the links used in the above paragrahs are here to point out information on each topi, plus to show that some of will follow the link. None of these links are harmfull they are either to Wikapedia or news sites on the topics of the links.  The Bombing story is interesting because it is an article about the use of drones and it will get its day in the court of public opinion too.

Interesting security news even if it is a little old presented from the guys at www.end2endsupport.com and E2 Computers in Tarpon Springs. Need new Antivirus and Malware software check out our microsite www.gotavirusbug.com and buy a Vipre. 


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