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Asus touch screen for under $400.00. 05/20/2013

Asus touch screen for under $400.00. This is the lowest prices we have seen to sell Windows 8 Touch-Screen laptops.  Asus is one our main manufactures we have been using boards and parts from them as well as laptops since 2004 when we opened. 

Touch these deals today on Asus Touch Screen Laptops.


A new deal from our affiliates at Amazon that we could not wait to offer to our customers. This is well worth the look for a Touch Screen laptop to take advantage of the new Windows 8 platform.

Presented to you by the tech guys at www.end2endsupport.com and E2 Computers of tarpon Springs.

Update 5/21 This deal is better than an offer at NewEgg for a Sony at the same price but no touch screen.


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