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XP end of support April 2014. 06/27/2013

XP is dead….ding dong the operating system is dead. No what? Windows XP end of support April 2014, what are you going to do.  The inevitable is going to happen your platform is going to disappear. Now is the time to move. Get started while your older systems are still working. Transition time most be […]

Scams or not we are assuming this is an example of a Resistration Scam. 06/20/2013

We have been receiving letters from Mr. Wong regarding our trademark and domain registration and how a company in China is going to registrer several names similar including our motto as their brand.  This is the first time I got an email that looked like this: To: E2 Computers Subject: Re: RE: URGENT “end2endsupport” Brand […]

Xbox One – Pre-order has begun! 06142013

Want to get your hands on the new Xbox One as early as possible? Here is your opportunity. Update included in this listing are the links for the PS4 release also! More updates too come on delivery dates and other accessories but click on the link below and guarantee your self a spot.           Standard Edition            Special […]

Phone system flexible or is it your company folly? 06/11/2013

Phone system flexible or is it your company’s folly? If you are wondering why we are focused on VoIP for the last few months, its because we are trying to promote and launch our VoIP services.  We have many customers over the years that did not know we were in this business but now we […]

A good reason to Switch to RingCentral VoIP! 06/03/2013

A good reason to Jump to Ring Central for VoIP, beyond all of the business reasons like: coolness of VoIP, flexibility, cost reduction, professional phone system, how about BOGO? That’s right RingCentral is offering its BOGO pricing for new phones with new or additional lines. Buy one phone, get one free. Discount available for Polycom […]

Outback Steak Flights. 06/05/2013

The Steak Flights have landed at Outback what is your favorite going to be? Outback has added some new items to their menu. Unconventionally they are adding toppings or sauces to a steak.  Normally I would say if you have to cover up a steak then it must not be worth eating. I know there […]

Post Memorial Day Laptop and Computer Specials. 05/28/2013

Hey if you did not shop on Memorial day you did not miss all the deals. And, with our partner we make it so easy you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your Home. Check out this Intel i7 laptop with 6G of RAM from Dell. (Same deal as Tiger Direc*).     Storm season, […]