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Outback Steak Flights. 06/05/2013

The Steak Flights have landed at Outback what is your favorite going to be?

Victoria's Filet®* Steak Flights

Outback has added some new items to their menu. Unconventionally they are adding toppings or sauces to a steak.  Normally I would say if you have to cover up a steak then it must not be worth eating. I know there are many who would disagree with me, but if the steak like cheese can not stand alone is it worth saving.

Well on these dishes there is some merit, both in price, value, and taste.  Outback created the Flights for a limited time. this is an opportunity to taste either the sirloin or filet in a double or triple with their new special sauces.  The sauce choices include Creamy Diablo (with a nice kick), Brandy Peppercorn, Béarnaise and Wild Mushroom.  They server it over cute little potato pancakes and one side suggested is the green beans, but I like the wedge salad better.  The dish with no side does look a little barren but it is a nice way to sample some wonderful flavors.  The diablo and mushroom our my choices with nice flavors, but possible a hint to much salt.  This dish is a go for steak lovers who want to try something a little new but not venture too far from the simple steak and potato.  Check out other customer reviews of this dish.

Also on the flight theme Outback is serving a beer sampler with Sam Adams Seasonal, Stella Artois and Blue Moon. I did not try the sampler yet as I opted to try the Key Lime Coconut Rita.  This was an interesting and creamy twist on a Margarita.  I thought the drink was decent, not a 10 but enjoyable. I am not a coconut fan so I had the coconut removed.  For drinks I would say this was a high 7.

The Flights were based on a Food Network Chopped Challenge check out the video.

Last new item I have tried is the Steak Plate which also is a value proposition as it is prices at 10 bucks. This dish is a sirloin served in your choice of three options, Bloomin, Diablo, and Wild Mushroom served with Aussie fries.  While this is on the printed menu in the Florida locations I could not find it on the online general menu.  This is also a nice way to change the classic sirloin at outback while under $10.00.
But, the real value meal at Outback is still from the signature steaks is the Outback Special the 6oz with 2 sides, usually soup or salad, and one side is still $10.99.  This is the real value for what most of us spend on a Burger at many places you can get a steak, salad and veggie for only a buck or two more.

Ratings: 1 Byte – Low to 5 Bytes – High: 
Outback Steak Plates and Flights  gets 4.2 Bytes

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