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Phone system flexible or is it your company folly? 06/11/2013

Phone system flexible or is it your company’s folly? If you are wondering why we are focused on VoIP for the last few months, its because we are trying to promote and launch our VoIP services.  We have many customers over the years that did not know we were in this business but now we not only wan them to know we want to help educate them and then get them to partner with us.

First not to sound like the old hair replacement commercials where they say I not only am part of the company but I am also a customer.  This is true for us we are a customer of RingCentral and have been on board for almost 2 years.  It has been an interesting experience from both sides. Learning about new products, and seeing lost opportunities because our marketing is not very aggressive, but that is our style.

Today some of the discussion is to be about “Flexibility”. Do you have days that you feel tethered to you phone because you are waiting for calls but do not want to give everyone you cell number.  Do you need to have sales people in the field with their phones functional. Do you want to know when you are receiving voice mail at the office and fax documents.  Most traditional phone solutions can not provide that flexibility. How about adding new users to your system within minutes instead of days or weeks. What about the ability to still get calls even if the building is shut down due to unexpected weather or other events.  Are these some of the concerns you face? 

If this was the beginning of some of your issues you should look at the press release from RingCentral about businesses wanting Flexibility and how traditional phones challenge this need.
One of the sets of stats included this finding:


In addition, ninety-two percent of these same survey respondents found the benefits of a cloud-based phone system compelling. Top benefits included:

  • Mobile apps that allow smartphones to be used as business extensions (55%)
  • Simple to use interface for administration (52%)
  • Easy to expand phone system as the business grows (52%)
  • Eliminates set-up and ongoing maintenance for in-house phone system (45%)
  • Reduction in cost (60%)

So not only cost is an issue but ease, flexibility, setup were important.
For us RingCentral has allowed me to have phones without any hardware initially we used just softphones and mobile devices. It added auto receptionist which was not accepted well by many of my callers, but we only use one option directions or it rolls over to technical support. Unfortunately many people assume the recording is directly to voicemail.  For one of our customers it allowed us to have a full working phones system for them to do business even before their location was ready for occupancy not something easily done with an on-premise system.

RingCentral has also shown us examples of how the system can be used in franchise and business models that are spread to many locations.  We believe that RingCentral is flexible enough to handle 1 man shops to businesses over many regions.  Check out what we have to offer for VoIP.

Keep your eyes here for more RingCentral ideas and experiences.

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