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XP end of support April 2014. 06/27/2013

XP is dead….ding dong the operating system is dead. No what?

Windows XP end of support April 2014, what are you going to do.  The inevitable is going to happen your platform is going to disappear. Now is the time to move. Get started while your older systems are still working. Transition time most be allowed in order to find workarounds for software that will no longer work or is not going to operate on newer hardware. Unplanned and not well though out you will become one of the horror stories that you have heard of in the past.  Planning equals prevention. 

Windows 7 and Windows 8 are very similar and some of the issues of 8 that you may be aware of are not show stoppers for most, it is training and change. Microsoft has committed to bringing back the start button and the plain desktop in 8.1 released this week.  But some who got used to the new start bar will say why did they change it.

Move run and do everything you can to begin your migration. Find a good service provider that is willing to work with you and help identify areas that may cause some problems. As Larry the cable guy would say just “Get ‘er Done”.

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