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How do you see yourself? 07272013

Are you going to be Successful or Unsuccessful?Inspirational quote of the day:   Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential. — John Maxwell What will it take to help your company, training, or individual growth plan. Hopefully E2 Computers can assist you in […]

Amazon is price guarantying on XBOX One. 07/20/2013

Now is the time to pre-order the Xbox One.  Amazon will guarantee that if the price is lower by the end of the release day you will pay the lower price (see guarantee price details).  The Xbox will have a standard edition release and a “Day One” release. Below are links to pre-order these units. […]

Back to school get deals on supplies and books with us. 07/09/2013

Looking for great ways to save money for your back to school and college needs. Lets look at ways to save: Download books to your eReader. eBooks are less expensive than bound text. Many texts can be bought for the Kindle from Amazon. You can also use your iPad or iPad mini.  Rent books and return them at […]