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Back to school get deals on supplies and books with us. 07/09/2013

Looking for great ways to save money for your back to school and college needs. Lets look at ways to save:

  1. Download books to your eReader. eBooks are less expensive than bound text. Many texts can be bought for the Kindle from Amazon. You can also use your iPad or iPad mini. 
  2. Rent books and return them at the end of the semester.
  3. Used books when possible always less expensive than new.
  4. Buy supplies online with Amazon and E2 Computers. Check out our links.
  5. Computers from E2. We may not be the least expensive but we will help you get what you need not what they want to sell you.
  6. Concierge buying service with E2 we will find the best prices from competitive situations and assist you with your purchase, for a fee.
  7. Discounts on teachers supplies with Amazon too.

Check out some of these bargain ideas below:
Teaching Supplies

College and University needs:

K-12 School supplies:

Computer Deals:
We have available notebooks and desktop systems with either Windows 7 or Windows 8 available for order starting in the mid $400.00.

Including systems from Asus, Acer, Dell and  Lenovo.

Dell Vostro i3 starting at $475.00 (valid until 7/30).

Some of our business/commercial class systems have extended warranties included or that can be purchased. 

Why buy a business class machine over a home version. Construction and material, like everything in the world you pay for what you get.  In computers this is true, and fastest is not always best.  The quality of the motherboard will often dictate the longevity of the computer.  Additionally we have been seeing a high failure rate in drives 1TB and over so I might suggest a smaller internal drive and utilize an external drive for additional storage.  With computers on the go you may want to try one of these partners for online backup:


Mozy Mozy

Carbonite Protect your files with Carbonite Online Backup

GFI Backup – remote assisted backup (service offered through E2Computers) Contact

Online backup may be the simplest and most rewarding thing you own, especially when you have a project due that you have been working on for weeks and your roommate accidentally deletes all your files. If this happens to you, you will know just what we are talking about.

Can you say books:  Check out the opportunity with Kno for you textbook needs.

Some tech suggestions for heading back to school.  Contact E2 Computers for you service and new computer purchases before you go back to school.

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