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How to keep eMail from running your life. 08062013

CEO Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn, suggests several steps for controlling your email so it does not control you.  Like many our email boxes seems to grow faster than any Evelynn Wooods Speed Reading class taught us to read. So when these ideas came up we thought they were appropriate for our audience too. Jeff’s suggestions I thought others may benefit.

He suggest 7 main ideas which I will list here. To read his Jeff Weiner’s complete blog go here.

  1. If you want less mail send less mail.
  2. Mark as unread
  3. Establish a routine
  4. Be Precise with your words
  5. Give some thought to: the recipients
  6. Acknowledge receipt
  7. Take combustible stuff offline

If these help let us know, more tech suggestions presented by the techies at E2 Computes and Vipre from Threat Track
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