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Don’t forget the backpack? 08212013

Well its back to school and those dreaded phrases all of us as kids or parents hated. Where’s my lunch? Did you do your homework? Don’t forget your backpack!

I know many other ideas come to mind so in this mess of a time known as back to school we gradually realize that we have forgotten or could not find items our students needed for back to school. This entry was just that a reminder that if you have computer needs that you can contact us at E2 Computers www.end2endsupport.com for computer products, support and repair. We added a new service a concierge buying service, we will locate equipment for our customers that they are having a hard time locating, or want us to receive at our shop.  Additional services including setup, configuration and installing of software can bee done here as well.  Our service allows us to locate equipment out of the normal wholesale/retail scenario and look for best prices available.  The fee will vary based on what we are asked to do for the customer.

By the way if you are still looking for schools upplies or need a backpack check out this link from one of our affiliates:

Good luck for the new year from all of us at E2 Computers and www.end2endsupport.com.

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