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Cryptolocker preventative action. 10/26/2013

As days have past since we last discussed the Cryptolocker virus, it appears to have infected more users that are part of the forums we belong too.  As I wrote in the first article your first challenge is to backup and virus protect your data. More tips on Cryptolocker prevention. Another step you can take […]

Affordable Health Care web site what do we think went wrong? 10/23/2013

What is wrong with web designers for the government? Is it about the money or making it simple, or maybe even over simplifying it. I went through the process of trying to apply for affordable health care, to see what the site was about and to try to compare existing programs to the offerings. This […]

CryptoLocker virus on the rise. 10/09/2013

If you are taking the time to read this blog you may want to invest some time in making backups of important files.  It is even suggested that the files be backed up to media like DVD/CD roms to prevent modification. At the time of this writing we are working on the removal of a […]

VoIP after 2 years a follow up on RingCentral. 10/072013

On and off for the last 2 years I have been selling and writing about VoIP. Our first challenge was to find a service for our own business and most know we chose RingCentral. Our reason was simple the most features for an affordable price.  RC may not be the least expensive provider for VoIP […]

Bob Z ” E2Computers is a great place to get your computer fixed …”. 10032013

  Recent customer review posted on YELP. Thank you for your nice review Bob. it is greatly appreciated. We enjoyed working with you. E2 computers is proud to server you and look forward to assisting you in the future. …. E-2 computers is a great place to get your computer…within days not a weeks. See […]