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VoIP after 2 years a follow up on RingCentral. 10/072013

On and off for the last 2 years I have been selling and writing about VoIP. Our first challenge was to find a service for our own business and most know we chose RingCentral. Our reason was simple the most features for an affordable price.  RC may not be the least expensive provider for VoIP but I believe it is the right price for the right services, and they have added more since we signed up.

Some of the new features included Intercom, Conference Calls, and SMS text from the Business Number.  RingCentral continues to deliver on new ideas and even have listened to its users and sales teams to modify the way features work. Additionally most platform changes roll out to everyone at once. Although, to be a fair review I will point out that this was not the case for the platform itself this was little slow and rocky. 

Since we began using the product we have also become a sales partner for the product.  We are not the fastest sales force out there so I can not brag about my sales at this point but we are talking to more people and trying to show them how RingCentral can either save money or make their communications more effective and flexible.

We are a fan of the RingCentral product and think you should hear what a few “SuperFans” have to say about RingCentral.

A VoIP update presented by E2 Computers in Tarpon Springs.

For more information about ring central give us a call try placing the call with RingCentral RingMe Feature:
click-to-call from the web
Ask for Steve our RCCP (RingCentral Certified Professional)

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