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Cryptolocker preventative action. 10/26/2013

As days have past since we last discussed the Cryptolocker virus, it appears to have infected more users that are part of the forums we belong too.  As I wrote in the first article your first challenge is to backup and virus protect your data. More tips on Cryptolocker prevention.

Another step you can take is to make sure your system protection feature is turned on in Windows Vista, 7 and 8 to allow the files to save previous versions.

Note: this only gets created if the protection feature is on and the file is actually edited and saved.

Another step is to modify group policy or use AppLocker to do the same as the GPO.  The goal with these tools is to block executables from running in specific paths.  I am not going to enter all the steps here instead I am going to direct you to the article; Cryptolocker: how to avoid getting infected and what to do if you are, found at Computer World’s web site.

Applocker is only available to Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate users as well as Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise versions.

In the article by John Hassell he has the last word and he refers to the authors as scum read all he has to say. I have one to add to his comment and that is “Crook”, or “Extortionist” I hope that some day all of the energy put in to trying to create easy money is used to solve more global issues.  As the crime dog Mgruff says “Lets try to take a bite out of crime”.

Take some preventative action so if you become a victim it will not destroy everything you have.

More security tips from the techies at www.end2endsupport.com and E2 Computers of Tarpon Springs.

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