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Ben Stein “Christmas Trees” spam still a good read. 12/18/2013

I was recently forwarded an email from a coworker called “Christmas trees Ben Stein”.  That was the subject line.  Interesting I thought I like Ben Stein and wondered what he had to say considering he is not a Christian.  I am going to put the entire comment here as it was in the email. This […]

Top 10 Enterprise secruity threats! 12052013

We have been reviewing an article  Microsoft Cybersecurity Report: Top 10 Most Wanted Enterprise Threats written by Tim Rains.  The article is full of technical information about threats found inside many Enterprises (large companies).  The reason we are posting the top 10 here and links to the article is because we feel that it will help […]

Wester Digital announces End Of Life on PATA(IDE) Drives – 12/03/2013

WD Announces PATA End-Of-Life Not much to say about this but Western Digital announced the end of life on PATA drives listed below. Why is this an issue, for most it is not but if you have older equipment that requires these drives the future may be short.  IDE/PATA drives have been around for a […]