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Wester Digital announces End Of Life on PATA(IDE) Drives – 12/03/2013

WD Announces PATA End-Of-Life
Not much to say about this but Western Digital announced the end of life on PATA drives listed below. Why is this an issue, for most it is not but if you have older equipment that requires these drives the future may be short.  IDE/PATA drives have been around for a long time and probably need to be retired but this is just a wake up call.  Get some new hardware

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PATA End-Of-Life Announcement

As a valued myWD partner, we wanted to give you advance notice that the end-of-sale and end-of-life date for WD PATA drives is December 29, 2013. Those PATA drive models include:

If you or your customers have active service contracts, you will continue to receive support from the WD service and support team. When contacting WD for support, please have your WD product serial number, system hardware and system software versions available.

Thank you,

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