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Top 10 Enterprise secruity threats! 12052013

We have been reviewing an article  Microsoft Cybersecurity Report: Top 10 Most Wanted Enterprise Threats written by Tim Rains.  The article is full of technical information about threats found inside many Enterprises (large companies).  The reason we are posting the top 10 here and links to the article is because we feel that it will help general users get a better feel for how complex cyber attacks are.  Additionally there is information in this article that we could not easily summarize so we feel it is better to have our reads click on the link to see more details.

Here are the 10 Most Wanted Enterprise Threats:

            Name                    Catagory        2Q2013

  1. JS/Sedabutor        Trojan      2.4%
  2. Html/IframRef       Exploits    1.9%
  3. Win32/Conficker     Worm        1.4%
  4. INF/Autorun         Trojan      1.4%
  5. Win32/Sirefef       Trojan      1.2%
  6. JS/BlacoleRef       Trojan      1.3%
  7. Java/CVE-2012-1723  Exploits    0.9%
  8. Blacole             Exploits    0.7%
  9. Win32/Dorkbot       Worms       0.7%
  10. Win32/Ofuscator     Trojan      0.6%

Tim explains in the article that the primary ways the enterprise encounters these attacks are through the following primary methods:

  • Malicious or compromised websites.
  • Network Drives, Autorun and Weak Passwords.
  • Social Engineering

For many individuals that we see in our business the Social Engineering  attacks are becoming more and more prevalent. I believe that as more companies allow social media on there networks that they too will see an increase.  If you are not aware of what Social engineering is Tim states “…that tricks the user into installing malware on their systems…”  Our clients see these frequently as pop-ups asking if they want to improve the performance of their computer.  Other examples include “Phishing” email and links sent from Social Media that the reader believes is coming from someone inside there circle of trust.

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Please check out this article for more information.

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