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Preserving nature and history, visit www.giftbocagrande.com! 01012014

At the end of 2013 we began working on a web site to help increase awareness on the developments and issues of Boca Grande and Gasparilla Island.

The web site www.giftbocagrande.com went live the week of Christmas and I wanted to take an opportunity to let my community know about the site. For us it is a new website that E2 Computers is responsible for. For my client it is away to raise awareness how land usage is affecting an area they love.

GIFT – guarantee the Island Future Today is all about protecting something they believe in and is very fragile.

“Boca Grande is a gift to those fortunate enough to visit or live here. From Gasparilla Pass to the Boca Grande Lighthouse. From Banyon Street to Gilchrist Avenue to our white-sand beaches, this island is a serene haven, a gift shrouded in natural beauty, conceived and protected by those who went before us.

We can do nothing less than preserve Boca Grande as the historic, natural haven for generations to come, Therefore, to secure Boca Grande’s tomorrows, we pledge our efforts to Guarantee the Island’s Future… Today. “

Please welcome the site as one of our newest sites and visit the site review their cause and see if it is an organization, and cause you may want to help support.

Thanks for taking the time to visit this site and have a Happy New Year from the techies at E2 Computers.


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