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Sach Solutions tech support or scam? 01/31/2013

Have you received a call from Sach Solutions technical support team or any other company that uses the following type of tactic to get you to give them remote access to your computer. 

I have a client that received a call from Adam claiming to work for Sach Solutions with a call back number of 888-206-1181.

He immediately told here that her computer was hacked and that he could help her.

Now I know this scam has been going on for a while to get people to sign up with a 1 year subscription for support.  Heck even our company provides this but we don’t you use a calling technique like described above.  I have been blogging the last couple months about calls like this one. I have had several customer and I was even got a similar call but not the same company at my office.

If you have had calls like this especially from the company called Sach Solutions attach your comments. If you have ad a good experience with this company let us know that as well. If the company is reputable we want people to know that too.

If you are looking for ongoing help desk support talk to us. We are local in Florida and have the ability to have technicians on the street in all states.

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