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Are the Sharks going sweet or is it just the honey they invested in? – 03/15/2014

While many who have viewed my blog know that I do blog about food but this is a little different from my normal blog.  The young entrepreneur episode, of Shark Tank, was interesting because many of the inventors were trying to be eco-friendly.  Henry’s pitch was more interesting because his involved things that not many people are aware of the failure of bee hives, from unknown diseases and invasion of hostile species.   I was glad to see this but my interest did not stop there. 

Recently, I was ill with a horrible cough and began enjoying the classic soother, lemon, honey and hot water.  It helps a lot.  Then I remembered another old recipe my Grandmother taught me which was 1Tbs of Cider Vinegar, 2Tbs of Honey and water.  This was often drunk about half hour before 2 meals a day. I was taught this to try to help fight the battle of the bulge. I have not done this for years as I am now in my 50’s.  Interestingly I have begun to lose some weight and also noticed that some of my allergy symptoms are reduced. Now this is not specifically because of a brand of honey, but it is considered a natural agent to reduce symptoms. There are many claims of the benefits of Vinegar and Honey, so these may be good reasons to try these Honey flavors out. 

So, what does this have to do with Henry’s? Well like most who have tried homeopathic cures or just enjoy some of these flavors they get boring so I have been adding spices like, Cayenne, Cinnamon and Lime to my little drink which I drink cold not hot.  The idea of blended natural honey is a great idea. Henry’s Humdingers seems to have a unique flair that really got me motivated and that is he was blending hot spices with the sweet not flowery flavors. Many believe that the Capsaicin from  pepper also had medicinal properties that affect the inflammatory response.  We also know that the Asians believe that Ginseng also has healing properties. So for me I placed my first order and can not wait to try his blends.

Interesting fact from Henry’s Humdingers site did you know that honey is used to heal Sea Turtles, check this video out.

I am not paid to promote this product although my ads below do reward me with small commissions from Amazon if you purchase through these links. I am not doing this for an payments from Henry’s Humdingers. I also know that his company got a great new infusion from the Sharks. I wrote to introduce my readers to a Food Category that I kind of stumbled into just like Henry did, as a consumer instead. I hope that the Sharks were correct and the product becomes easily available both locally and via web sales. 

I know that there is no issue ordering from Henry’s direct but I was elated to see it available on Amazon too. So just like Mr. Wonderful on the “Tank” I might be able to make some money too.  I hope Robert and Mark take Henry all the way to the basket on this because I believe his heart and mind were in the right place when he started this project.

Order Henry’s Humdinger Honey on Amazon at: Henry’s Humdingers. On Amazon you will find various flavors in 6 packs some all one and some mixed.

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