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We have been saying Windows 8 is not bad, and we are not alone but are you ready for Windows 9? 03/18/2014

Customer have been asking our opinion of the new Windows 8 and we have said the same thing once you get used to the start menu issue it works just like previous versions of windows.
On Toms Hardware they actually said this..

Is Windows 8 really that horrible? Definitely not. The problem Microsoft has had in the past is that the platform is too different from the norm. Walk into an electronics store, and the average desktop consumer sees touchy tiles on every screen. There’s a desktop underneath all that flashy content, but the average buyer may not realize that, and instead seek out a solution with Windows 7 still installed.

But in the same article they were talking about Windows 9. Yes that’s right there is rumor that a #9 in the works for this year or next. Not much to be found but check out the Tom’sHardware article out.

So if customers are not willing to go to Windows 8 are they going to be any happier going to 9? Ultimately, they have only a few choices especially if they want to get of the old XP platform. Windows 7, 8 or a non-Window solution. That will be the choice of the user and each carries a different cost for the conversion. The solution may not be easy for some individuals either as hardware has to meet a specific level to be usable on these platforms.

To find out more and make you conversion easier get advice and assistance from someone who can guide you and you trust, April 8th is the last day for support of Windows XP by Microsoft.

A reminder from the techies at E2 Computers in Tarpon Springs and at http:\\www.end2endsupport.com on the web.

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