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XP Not forgotten yet…05/02/2014

Yep its May  and Microsoft is issuing a patch for IE on Windows XP. We are not surprised here at E2 Computers.  After the US government suggested  strongly that until the a Zero day  defect was fixed.  According to an article from Computerworld the author Gregg Keiszer points out Microsoft’s  blog statement was more about the position of XP than the actual bug being fixed.  To read the full article from Computerworld read “Microsoft Makes one-time exception, patches IE on Windows XP“.  To see Microsoft’s blog about this fix check out this link  “Updating Internet Explorer and Driving Security” from The Official Microsoft Blog.

As you can see if you have not moved from XP to a newer Operating System you are in a new no mans land and will have even less protection then ever. E2 Computes can assist in your migration path whether it is to buy new equipment, format and restart and older machine, or migrate history and software to a new operating system we have you covered.  Unfortunately I can not tell you it is simple but we can certainly do the bulk of the hard stuff for you.  So give us a jingle or stop in E21 Computers in Tarpon Springs and on the web at http://www.end2endsupport.com.


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