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Instructions for E2 Customers to renew Vipre Licenses home users. 06/03/2014

Normally we handled the renewal for all of our Vipre customers but our reseller page with the vendor does not allow us to renew the home version at this time. They are converting the backend software since the split from GFI. But we have a simple way to continue allowing us to get revenue and allow you to maintain the same serial numbers.

Our affiliate link to Vipre has a renewal option on their screen so here are the steps to renew Vipre and allow us to continue to get some revenue from the renewals.

  1. Do not click on the renewal button, this robs us of our commission.
  2. Go to Help on the Vipre application
  3. Select Register.
  4. Copy the registration key you may have to hand write it.
  5. Go to http://www.gotavirusbug.com/
  6. Click on the Vipre add on the right side.
  7. On the Vipre product page above the “Buy Now” (orange button) you will see “Renew”.
  8. Enter your serial number / product key and click on the look-up key.
  9. On the final page you do not have to purchase the disk and you can unselect the trial of Carbonite. If you are interested in trialing Carbonite please let us know as we are a Carbonite reseller and we offer installation assistance if purchased directly from us.
  10. Pay for the renewal.
  11. The next update or rebooting of you computer should now show that the Vipre is renewed.

We appreciate your adoption of this process and hope to have continued adoption of our clients to the Vipre Product.

Current discount codes valid from Vipre

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Please note payment for affiliate sales is processed by Cleverbridge.

E2 Computers is also offering a monitored version of Vipre that sends us information and allows us to manage your quarantine files. This is the first level of products as part of our Manage Service offerings and will run about $2.00/month. This does not include and service time but it allows us to notify you when your software is not updating correctly and alert you when we see unusual virus related activity. For more info contact the store at support@end2endsupport.com or E2 Computers in Tarpon Springs.

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3 Comments to "Instructions for E2 Customers to renew Vipre Licenses home users. 06/03/2014"

  1. Bill Pette says:


    I was able to renew the VIPRE… with the instructions that you provided. I will call you next week to come talk about a new lap top for my wife.

    Thanks for your help.


  2. […] you are looking to buy a new copy or renew you “Vipre antivirus check out our blog article Instructions for E2 Customers to renew Vipre Licenses hom….” or visit our antivirus site GotAVirusBug.com and click on the Vipre ad. Google […]

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